Upcoming Performances

April - June 2013
Upcoming Performances:

Braiding Rivers Festival of Contemporary Indian dance
5 - 7 April
3 - 5 May
30 May - 2mJune 

December 2012
Upcoming Performances:

Harris Theater
14-15 December, 8pm (Fri & Sat)  2pm  (Sat)

-a collaboration between Natya Dance Theatre, Lookingglass Theatre, & Chicago Children's Choir

November 2012
Upcoming Performances:

University of Chicago, IL
30 November @ 8pm

August 2012
Upcoming Performances:

Edinburgh Fringe Festival, C Venue/34, Chambers St HM1 1HR
11:00,  6-11 August 2012
'The creature who missed being born...

July 2012
Upcoming Performances:

Kenilworth Black Box Theatre, 1915 East Kenilworth Place, Milwaukee, WI
July 6 & 7, @ 7:30pm

Hamlin Park Fieldhouse, 3035 North Hoyne Ave, Chicago, IL
July 12 & 13, @ 7:30pm

April 2012

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
April 20-21

Guest Teaching Technique & Composition classes on Friday
Workshops in Bharatanatyam and Repertory on Saturday
*Come take a peak during the Kenilworth Open House!!

March 2012

Upcoming Performances:

American College Dance Festival
March 22-25 in Madison, WI
Performing and Teaching classes in Bilingual Contemporary Dance and Ballet.

February 2012
Upcoming Performances:

Draupadi Krishnaa
February 27 @ Links Hall, Chicago
Just $5 tickets for this evening of six artists presenting their newest works
Draupadi Krishnaa is a performance art piece which tells the story of Draupadi from a feminist perspective.

Dance Across The Boards Conference
Duel with An Orchid: Re-evaluating Identity in a Post-Other World
February 3-4, NYU Tisch School
I will be performing an excerpt of my solo work Duel with An Orchid and speaking about my research into contemporary dance, bharatanatyam, and my own identity in a hybrid world.

October 2011

Upcoming Performances:

Links Hall Fundraiser
Oct 2, 2-5pm

Come support Links Hall at this Fundraising event, taking place in the heart of downtown Chicago. I will be performing the Durga excerpt from my recent Daughters of the Mountain.

September 2011
Upcoming Performances:

Harvest Chicago Contemporary Dance Festival
Sept 2, 8:00pm at Ruth Page Theatre, Chicago

Come see Duet As One with myself and the fabulous Christopher Tucker, inspired by the Ardhanarishvara as an example of the timeless union of humanity. The Harvest Festival is a fabulous way to celebrate local and national artists.

For more information visit:  http://www.hccdf.com/

June 2011
Upcoming Performances:

2011 DanceMakers Concert

July 29-30, 7:30pm at Mainstage Theatre, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

I will be presenting Duet As One with fellow artist Elijah Gibson.
For more information visit: http://www4.uwm.edu/psoa/programs/dance/dancemakers/

CDF Greenhouse Performance
June 23-26 at Links Hall, Chicago

10,000 Souls explores Feminine energy through the stories of Durga and the Matrikas.  This work looks at female identity - as as Warriors, Mothers, and Women - through the bilingual vocabulary of modern dance and south Indian bharata natyam narrating a story of confidence, power, and protection.

Dancers: Vidya Govind-Thomas, Liz Jenkins, Adi Marcial, Darshana Nair, Anna Norman

May 2011

Generous reviews following my performance in the Mordine & Co concert last weekend:

Emma, too, demonstrated her artistry technically and emotionally all night long; whether she is flying through the air, shifting her weight from one foot to another, or covering her eyes with hopelessness and pain, she was simply beautiful."  - Michael McStraw

"In between, Emma Draves clawed at the gap between her scapulae as if her hand was possessed." - TimeOut Chicago's Zachary Whittenburg

And, check out this Pioneer Press feature article discussing my work as a modern and Bharata Natyam dancer:


April 2011
See the Video Chicago TV made to promote my work and the DanceBridge Grant Program:


Dancebridge Showing on April 7, 2011
6pm at the Chicago Cultural Center

Come see Duet As One with myself and the fabulous Christopher Tucker, inspired by the Ardhanarishvara as an example of the timeless union of humanity

You can also see a preview of the new piece I am creating through the Chicago Dancemakers Forum Greenhouse Grant.  It explores the Warrior, Mother, and Woman identities of Feminine Energy; inspired by the stories of Durga and the Matrikas.  Featuring dancers Liz Jenkins, Anna Norman, and Adi Marcial.