About Kalpana / Draves Dance

**Read reviews from the 2012 Edinburgh Fringe Festival !!

"the showcase is made worthwhile by two gems, Emma Draves' 'The creature who missed being born…' and Vincent E. Thomas’ 'Come Change'. Both excerpts from longer works, these solo pieces are performed by the choreographers themselves, giving them an assurance that was lacking in the other works presented. ... Incorporating traditional dance forms into contemporary pieces can sometimes feel gimmicky, but Draves manages it with simple elegance."
               -Festival Journal

"a showcase which had already presented a huge amount of talent"

" ... a concert full of passion and talent..."
                  -Broadway Baby

Photography: Mike Rioux

Kalpana / Draves Dance
presents dynamic, creative work which marries the technique and performance theories of South Indian Bharatanatyam and western Contemporary dance. Kalpana's hybrid choreography integrates the descriptive story-telling and architectural forms of classical Indian with the momentum and spinal fluidity of modern, producing distinctly innovative work ranging from the classical to the contemporary.

Photography: Mike Rioux